Our Story

Venu Diamond Group, leading Manufacturer and Exporter of certified Natural Fancy Color Diamond. Venu Diamond believes in Client Needs, Customer Satisfaction and relevant services. Venu Diamond Group started in 1980 as an unorganized small firm with great effort of Mr. Thakarshibhai Vekariya. In those days we were buying rough and polished diamond and used to sell them in local market. ​ In 1990 Mr. Vijay Vekariya founded Venu Diamond Group and made it somewhat organized unit. In era of 1990 we were dealing with small certified and non certified fancy color diamonds and also started the manufacturing work. ​ In 2004 we introduced Mr. Ajay Vekariya into Venu Diamond Group and with his great effort, hard work, intelligence and high qualification we registered Venu Diamond as a Firm in 2006. ​ In October 2012 we started out Israel associate branch named JP Fancy Diam Ltd. Mr. Tenish Vekariya heads the Israel branch, who is having more than 10 years of experience in diamond industry. ​ In March 2016 we came up with HongKong associate branch named Kuver Ltd. to explore Eastern Market. Mr. Sunny Vaghasiya heads the HongKong branch, who is having more than 7 years of experience in diamond industry. ​ Now we are dealing in 0.25 to 25 carats and above in fancy color diamonds with fancy shape, IF to I1 clarity, Faint to Fancy Vivid color intensity and have GIA certified stock and also having loose parcel in Yellow, Pink and Mix color with mix shape. ​ Recently we have entered into white diamond business and start manufacturing of Dossier to 5 Carat plus stone, D to M color and IF to I1 clarity.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. For being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money and working is art but good business is the best art. Venu Diamond was started in 1990 with great efforts of my family. Venu diamond always believes in Customer values, Customer satisfaction and Customer services. In ups and downs of diamond industry we never go off the path. We always follow our Ethics, Values and simplicity. ​ Venu Diamond achieved several milestones in diamond industry in last three decades. Now we are manufacturing far size of fancy color diamonds with large variety. But, I have never forgotten my old time and great lesson learnt from my Ancestors. Venu Diamond always believes in their Ethics and values. ​ Mr. Vijay Vekariya Founder & Chairman